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This is my personal blog.  Starting now (September 2014), I’ll be posting at least once a month, and probably more.  I’m here to write about my struggle.  I believe that society needs deep, systemic change, and I’m interested in helping it get some.  I believe that I need deep, systemic change, and I’m interested in making that happen too.

I often write about living through trauma.  When I say “living through,” I mean it in the same way your karate teacher means it when they tell you to “punch through” the target. Punching is easier.

Ta deina is an ancient Greek phrase meaning “things that are δεινός“–things that are {queer, terrifying, clever, wonderful, dangerous, powerful, uncanny}. The first choral ode in Antigone is known as the πολλὰ τὰ δεινὰ (polla ta deina) chorus. The first line reads, “many things are δεινὰ, but none so δεινὰ as humans.”

I’ve spent a lot of time in the position of finding myself δεινὰ, and of being found δεινὰ by others.  Friends who love me very much still describe me as being intense, exhausting, and incredibly difficult, though ultimately very, very worth it.

I hope that in some ways I’ll grow out of this way of being human, and that in other ways I’ll grow into it.





Privacy: When it comes to writing about my abusive childhood, I’ve discussed privacy issues with the people I’m talking about and obtained consent.  I experienced a lot of avoidable suffering because no one talked about the kind of abuse that was in my life, and I want to alleviate that for others–however, I also want to avoid causing un-necessary distress.  I will avoid including names and identifying details unless there’s a specific reason to include them.

Please be respectful and realize that my family members have, to some degree, put themselves on the line by supporting me in this.  In the future, I will likely start a private blog specifically about my experiences as an incest survivor, which will be available upon email-request from those who feel they need to read it.


Property: My mixed feelings about intellectual property have resulted in the following practice: Many the images on this blog, I found online.  Clicking on the image should lead to the site where I found it.  In cases of technical difficulty, image attribution links will be in a footnote at the bottom of the post.  If there is no link or other attribution, I produced the image myself.  If the owner of a site has specifically requested their work not be used without permission, I wish to honor that requirement.  If you notice that I’ve anywhere failed to follow this policy, please let me know!


Advertising: In line with anti-consumerism, I try not to link to stores unless I intend to advertise for them.  On the other end, if I ever get money, goods, or services for something posted here, I’ll let you know.


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